'VU:CLASS' is a compound word of Beauty + Class,
meaning beauty with high quality

VU:CLASS selects and manufactures only products that provide effective care and provides them at reasonable prices.

VU:CLASS has selected only high-quality products with patented natural ingredients which have proven effectiveness among many cosmetics products and it has provided products at reasonable prices. Beauty devices are used together to maximize the effect of good cosmetics, but it was not easy to provide an overly priced beauty device at a reasonable price.

In the end, over a year of development, VU:CLASS has created products that are comparable to those of major companies. Starting with product development and by planning a total beauty solution, it will lead in raising the beauty dignity of our customers.

‘CLASS가 다르다’

혁신적 기술, 합리적 가격, 그리고 효과적 케어가 가능한클래스가 다른 뷰티 디바이스