Ultrasonic silicone cleanser, intensive heating ion galvanic,
compact lipstick galvanic, and royal time reset eye cream are
100% made in Korea from start to finish.

  • Planning process In order to provide good products at reasonable prices, VU:CLASS has planned product function configuration and design through testing and market research of numerous products.

  • Research meeting Based on the planning contents, the products are materialized through meetings with the person in charge of each field. The supplementary work is done through idea supplementation and simulation.

  • Product design As a domestic research team, VU:CLASS makes sample products through product design and 3D design. Then VU:CLASS repeats tests and corrections so it can complete the detail design.

  • Manufacturing assembly All processes of PCB production, mold production and production assembly are carried out by 100% reliable Korean manufacturing company.

  • Inspection check In ordert to reduce the defect rate, from the start to finish of the product process, VU:CLASS inspects the entire process meticulously and then the finished products are moved to the distribution warehouse.

  • Packing and delivery When an order is placed, each item is packaged meticulouly and safely without any missing components and it is shipped to customers directly without intermediate distribution.

  • A/S management With the motto that the sale is the beginning, customer service is the best and the pride of 'made in Korea', VU:CLASS guarantees a lifetime A/S.

Key points of VU:CLASS

01. Cost-effectiveness that can never be matched by major companies

'With this goal of the best quality at the resonable price', VU:CLASS's best qualified technical staff research, redeem, and endeavor constantly to make products with the same quality as major companies at low prices.

The entire process is
conducted in Korea

For reliability of the products, the entire process of planning, design, manufacturing, production, process control are accomplished 100% in Republic of Korea. Customers can trust and feel safe because VU:CLASS has supplemented their concerns about product performance, safety of use, and follow-up management.

Thorough inspection process,
meticulous check

In order to avoid disappointing the expectations of customers before they receive the product, V:U CLASS will only send you products that have been thoroughly pre-validated before the release of the product.

04. If it is made in Korea, OK! Lifetime A/S service

Since all parts and products of VU:Class are made in Korea, A/S is available for a lifetime. Even if there is a problem with the product during use, you do not have to worry about electronic devices that were difficult to repair due to a limited period of A/S time. VU:CLASS guarantees A/S management for a lifetime.

VU:CLASS uses 100% pure domestic technology.
VU:CLASS will endlessly challenge to provide 'Good quality at a reasonable price.'